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The Centurion Guard
Deployment & Discipline
Mentoring & Continuous Security Training
Guards' Benefits
Other Programs
MJJM Mendez Building
Nasipit, Talamban
Cebu City 6000, Philippines
Tel: (032) 418-1800
Globe (0917) 3285306
Sun (0933) 6121421

Other Programs


Centurion provides other benefits to alleviate the condition of its guards.


a. School Program

Employees and security guards are encouraged to enroll in local universities for self-advancement, provided it will not interfere with their official duties. Requests are processed and approved by the Centurion management. A tie-up with a local university allows tuition fee discounts for Centurion employees.


b. Centurion Cooperative/ Canteen

Centurion on trainingA multi-purpose cooperative was established in 1991 to enable management, staff and guards to avail of loans, goods and other services as shareholders. Dividends are distributed every May or June each year.




c. Combat Aikido Club

On March 14, 1993, Centurion organized a Combat Aikido Club with Sensei Jack C. Rosal as its chief instructor for the purpose of enhancing the physical fitness and proficiency of the guards in hand to hand combat.


d. Post Tailor and Barber Shop

To ensure that the guards are well groomed and in their complete and proper uniforms, Centurion has a tailor and barber shop.

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