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The Centurion Guard
Deployment & Discipline
Mentoring & Continuous Security Training
Guards' Benefits
Other Programs
MJJM Mendez Building
Nasipit, Talamban
Cebu City 6000, Philippines
Tel: (032) 418-1800
Globe (0917) 3285306
Sun (0933) 6121421

The Centurion Guard


We provide security guards to protect client establishments from outside and workplace threats and violence. We provide individuals and businesses with long term and interim security deployment.

2.1 Training

Our clients are assured that our guards have passed and are qualified under all PNP Training requirements, having completed the Pre-licensing Training Course. Our guards are graduates of our training academy and are all duly licensed as required by RA 5487 (The Private Security Agency Law).

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2.2 Deployment & Discipline

Client establishments with more than three (3) security guards are assigned a Head guard tasked with coordinating with the guards and assisting the client with the proper dissemination and enforcement of company policies. A shift-in-charge (SIC) is designated to take charge of security guards manning the different shifts. A Detachment Supervisor (DS) is deployed in client establishments with fifty (50) or more guards.

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2.3 Mentoring and Continuous Security Training

Centurion has a continuing security training program to equip its guards with additional knowledge and skills in safety and security. A yearly training calendar covers different subjects which are taken up every month.

Topics include: Loss Prevention, Traffic Rules and Regulations, Basic First Aid, Fire Prevention and Fire Fighting Techniques, Radio and Telephone Courtesy, Gun Safety and Firearms Proficiency, Customer Service, Values Formation among others.

2.4 Guard’s Benefits

To ensure efficiency, honesty, loyalty and devotion to duty, Centurion guards receive the wages and benefits mandated by law:


2.5 Other Programs

Centurion provides other benefits to alleviate the condition of its guards.

a. School Program

Employees and security guards are encouraged to enroll in local universities for self-advancement, provided it will not interfere with their official duties.

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