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The Centurion Guard
Deployment & Discipline
Mentoring & Continuous Security Training
Guards' Benefits
Other Programs
MJJM Mendez Building
Nasipit, Talamban
Cebu City 6000, Philippines
Tel: (032) 418-1800
Globe (0917) 3285306
Sun (0933) 6121421

Deployment & Discipline

Client establishments with more than three (3) security guards are assigned a Head guard tasked with coordinating with the guards and assisting the client with the proper dissemination and enforcement of company policies. A shift-in-charge (SIC) is designated to take charge of security guards manning the different shifts. A Detachment Supervisor (DS) is deployed in client establishments with fifty (50) or more guards.

Head guards meet every last Sunday of the month with the Operations Department Heads to discuss concerns, evaluate the guards’ performance, correct their deficiencies and to undergo continuous security training seminars.

The whole geographic area of Region VII is divided into Area 1 (Mandaue and MEPZ, Lapulapu) and Area 2 (Cebu City and Cebu Province) headed by Operations Area Heads.

Centurion’s inspection team conducts day visibility and night inspections.

A Grievance Machinery that includes administrative hearing and investigation in accordance with due process requirements is in place. All guards are oriented and given a copy of Centurion’s Code of Offenses and Penalties Manual.

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